Monday, March 2, 2009


If you knew a friend was going to die in 24hrs from an unforseen accident, would you tell them?
If you knew a whole city would cease to exist in 6 months, would you tell it's citizens?
If you knew a world was about to crumble, would you warn them? Would they want to know?
Knowing is a curse. I've come to realize that lately. The emotional reality of what I know the future to be just hit home yesturday. I think I've been pretending I just thought I knew, based on rational analysis of facts.

I always wanted to be wrong.

But now I've accepted that I FEEL it. The real kicker of the situation is that I really CAN'T warn anybody. It wouldn't be fair to unload that on them, and they probably wouldn't be able to listen anyway. It just causes more grief. There is a reason some of us are panicking, and most aren't. It's simple. God only gives you what you can deal with.

Most people simply cannot bear to face the full emotional reality of what we are creating for ourselves. They would not make it. Their psyche would crumble. Better to allow them some happy delusions at the last, then cause them to live in unnecessary prolonged and helpless fear.

Bees are disappearing. Bats are dying. The oceans will be too acidic to support creatures at the bottom of the food chain by 2025. Our entire ecosystem is crashing. And that isn't even considering the geopolitical, financial, technological capacity we have to destroy ourselves. We are in the middle of one of the largest extinction events in planetary HISTORY.

This is not good news people.

We are phucked six ways to sunday. We are very likely going extinct as we speak. It's such a shame we had to take so many beautiful things with us.

But hell, there's not much I can do about it. I've thought about this for a while, and the best I can do is be with the people I love most, and pray.

I've had a good life. I've felt joy and sorrow. I have loved the ocean like a Mother. I've had the good fortune to experience many people and places. I've known much beauty and love. I don't regret a moment of my experiences here. Even the most painful have had something to teach me.

A very few times in my life, when I have felt most lost, I reach out and ask for help. It is of great comfort to me that I am always Answered. I prayed a lot yesturday.
And today I was answered.
The answer isn't always what you like to hear. Very often it flies in the face of anything logical. But I've tried logical. I've tried doing what we are "supposed" to do. Logic has nothing to do with god. The grand plan by it's very nature defies our logic. I guess that's why they call it faith.
Things will change fast now. I've been kicked into high gear. I had grand plans for my McVansion ;) but I need to get out FAST. One month, and I put this town to my rudder, and ne'er look back.


  1. It is a great burden, "knowing". It's an even greater burden trying to convince sheeple of the obvious. It's very trying indeed. High gear is the order of the day, I reckon we've got 6 months, maybe less. All we can do 'tween then and now is do what we can. Will it be enough? most likely not, but at least we can say we went down swingin'! Try your best to hook up with some like minded folks is the best advice I can give. Find some place to go where preppers can gather, grow food, and provide mutual protection. Heh heh heh, I like the "Pirates" quote.....

  2. Maitreya...I know just what you mean. I find myself getting angry, both with myself and with family members that will not acknowledge that bad times...REALLY bad times, are coming.

    I have finally rethought my plans, and have made up my mind about where I need to be and when I need to be there!

    My thoughts are with ya...and I'll see ya on the high ground!

  3. Thanks guys. Yeah, I have a couple of places in mind. They are remote, fertile, and above 500ft elevation. Even if I don't make it, at least I'll enjoy living while I can, in a situation where I am most likely to survive.

  4. Maitreya:
    You probably don't like the cold, but the remote Minnesota area where we are likely going is fertile, and the people are good. And good shots. You know how to contact me if you wish... comment on the blogs I'm on.

    At least visit us in your van if you can!

  5. Hey Publius, I'd like to visit, but I have limited cash to get me across the country. I have family in the Great White North (Wisconsin) but I will probably take I40 across the desert, as it is the most direct route. I'm headed for Washington state, where my Mom is. Hopefully her house will sell and together we are looking for a community in WA, OR or (very) northern CA. I'll also have 2 kitties with me, and I know they won't like a leisurely road trip. Thanks for the offer though. I'll let you know if my plans change.