Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Center Console

Here are pictures of the battery box lid/bottom of center console, before it is faired and painted.
The center console box had to be a bit narrower than the battery box so I can get my hand in there to fasten my seat belt.
Word to the wise for anyone building a battery box in this location; leave enough room between it and the doghouse/engine cover to be able to remove the engine cover.
I didn't check before I glassed in the battery box, and freaked out when I remembered. I lucked out though. It's a squeeze, but I can still remove the engine cover. I'd recommend at least 4" between box and closest portion of engine cover.


  1. You're hired! Where you been all my life.....

  2. please keep the pictures coming. Can't wait to see the interior when you are all finished. Wow, impressive!!!

  3. Funny you should mention getting the engine cover off as I once owned a Chevy van that oil fouled the spark plugs. If I stopped for more than 20 minutes I had to remove the cover and clean the rear 4 plugs (the easiest ones to get too as you know) before it would start again. I traveled all over the US with my trusty spark plug wrench. :-) If you plan to come through southern Colorado let me know as I would love to buy you lunch. Glad the dreams got better.

  4. @Mayberry...Hee hee heee...I make a better fishing buddy than I do a wife.
    @Preparedwarrior....Thanks! Will do!
    @TJ.....Yeah, hopefully I won't have any problems. I'm certain, however, that if I made it so I couldn't get the engine cover off, it would virtually guarantee needing to remove it, and tearing the van apart in the process.
    Anyhoo, my air filter is under there, so even if I don't have a problem I still need to get to the filter to change it.
    It would suck to have to clean spark plugs each time you were ready to go.
    I'm not sure of my route yet. I might try to steer clear of high elevations since my van has lived below sea level all it's life.
    I will definitely let you know if CO is on my path, thanks for the offer!

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