Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Progress Report

I've foamed the floor in, and it turned out great. Solid and level. I bought a shelf for my clothes (the plastic 3 drawer one from wally world) so I could measure the bunk area to fit. I also got a bed. I wanted a nice memory foam mattress ($300.00), but in light of my recent financial developments I settled for an inflatable twin bed($10.00)
I slept great on an air mattress during Katrina, until the cat poked holes in it while playing with cockroaches. This one will be much better protected, with several bedding layers on top of the mattress.
After much measuring, I cut supports for the bedframe, and sanded and painted them. I don't really care what they look like, just that they don't give me splinters and are somewhat moisture resistant. I got some long (3") U bolts and drilled holes for them in the upright supports of the van. These will attach my 2x4 frame members to the body of the van.
I've started atteacking the structural rust at the back of the van, inside. One corner is entirely gone. Old rust got cut out with a sawzall, and new 2x4's were cut to fit the voids and form a structure for fiberglass. The 2x4's were treated with unthickened epoxy thinned with acetone to sink into the wood. Rot is the last thing I want.
I'll post pics as soon as I get the whole works in place.


  1. Sounds better and better...things are moving right along, huh?

    Looking forward to the new pics!

  2. A gal who loves freedom and can sling fiberglass! Where were you 13 years ago.....

  3. Now that I'm unemployed, I can get a lot done.
    Thirteen years ago I was a pacifist hippie in WA with no fiberglass experience.....
    But I've always loved freedom.

  4. We are all very different people than we were thirteen years ago. It was a different world thirteen years ago.