Monday, March 9, 2009

Van Status

I got lots of work done on the van today. Yesterday I removed the old weather stripping from the back doors, sanded, prepped and painted them. Today I installed the new weather stripping, repaired and glassed in the other rear corner, fixed 3 other holes, got another interior frame board cut and painted, and started insulating.

The end of fiberglassing is in sight. There is one hole left to fix out of fourteen fiberglass worthy holes. The Holy Hippie veggie van is almost hole free. There is still some fairing and painting to do to the fiberglassed areas, but I'm ALMOST done slinging fiberglass.

I am using several layers to insulate. I used spray adhesive to attach Reflectix (shiny bubble plastic) to the outer walls of the van. I sort of felt like I was enclosing myself in a giant tinfoil helmet while doing this. Maybe it was just the adhesive fumes....
The next layer is pink, 3/4" foam cut to fit between the frame members of the van. This will be anchored with Great Stuff spray foam once I get my wall paneling cut to fit.
Any voids I cannot readily access, like inside the metal frame members of the van, get filled with 'Great Stuff'.
Lots of good progress today. Maybe I should wake up to leather clad Mel Gibson every morning...


  1. It's coming right along...and looking better each day!

  2. Thanks guys. It's getting there.

  3. The picture of your van looked almost as good as the keepers. :-) Just 10 more days to spring - the season of new beginnings.