Thursday, March 5, 2009


It was a flip flop, but now it's an anti-squeak washer!
I enjoy finding ways to use stuff that would otherwise be thrown away. I needed a washer to keep my bedframe from squeaking, and I'm too cheap to buy anything that would work, so an old flip flop is the perfect solution. All my clothes that are too nappy to give to Goodwill get turned into rags, or bags to put my power tools in so that they take up less space than they would in the case.

I got the first part of the bedframe installed today, and repaired my rotted out corner.

I cut the lengthwise bed support and put the first coat of paint on it. I took measurements for the kitchen area, and got the boards cut for it.
I also ordered new weatherstripping for the rear doors. Hopefully that will solve the leak issues once and for all. It's starting to look like a camper van!


  1. Hey, you are looking good, my friend! Won't be long now!

    Good for you...

  2. I love the recycled flip flop and the progress you have made on the bed for your van. Thanks for keeping us up to date on all your hard work. Hope things keep going well on your 'freedom vehicle'.

  3. Thanks TJ, It's a lot of work, but hte results are rewarding. It's really starting to come together.