Monday, March 9, 2009

Millet. It's What's for Dinner

OK, that doesn't sound especially appealing, but it turned out good!
I wanted to make a sort of Tabbouli salad, but I didn't have bulghur wheat.
So I cooked some millet the same way; bring to a boil with twice the water and let sit for 40 minutes or so.
And here's what I had for dinner; (serves two really hungry people)
Millet Salad
1 cup cooked millet
2 chopped green onions
handful of chopped fresh parsley
1/8 cup crumbled feta cheese
1/8 cup pine nuts
lemon juice (from lemon in back yard)
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
Black pepper and salt to taste
pinch of sugar
Toss all and chill thoroughly. Toss before serving.

Grilled chicken panini
2 small chicken beasts, marinaded in lemon, pepper, thyme and olive oil/butter.
4 slices of bread
roasted red peppers (I keep some in a jar of olive oil in the fridge)
1/8 cup cream cheese
horseradish spread
Whatever greens you have available (I used mixed baby greens)
Splash of balsalmic vinaigrette dressing

I grilled the chicken, toasted and buttered the bread, and made an awesome sandwich with the above ingredients. Tomatoes would be good too, but I'm allergic to them, so I use peppers.

I love to eat real food. Especially when I just cobble something together from whatever I have on hand. This meal cost me nothing. It was either preps or picked out of the yard. That is a good feeling. My body thanks me too. When I eat a good meal that doesn't consist of "frankenfood" I feel all tingly and happy and good.

Here's hoping for an abundant future where I can cook great food in a big kitchen with good company for lots of people!

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