Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tampons and Ammo

We've been hearing that it's somehow OUR fault that the "recession" is continuing. Everybody is starting to wise up and not buy a bunch of worthless crap they don't need, and as buying worthless crap is 2/3 of our GDP, it 'aint looking good.

So I thought I would do my part to stimulate consumer spending. I blew about $200.00 today. Most of that was spent on ammo. The first sprawl mart I went to was nearly out. There were big empty spaces in the ammo case, and several men standing in front of it, talking on cell phones and scratching their heads. It concerned me. I was reassured to see that Sports Academy had added an entire table for ammo, and it was full. They're not stupid. They know what's selling. The second sprawl mart had the big boxes of .22lr I was after. I took half their stock.

I did get this super nifty case from Harbor Freight for $20.

It has a sturdy, bi-fold lid with piano hinges and additional latches, and locks. They are the cheap crappy combo locks, but at least kids can't open it. It even has neat little pockets inside to hold the gun cleaning stuff.

I also spent about $30 on tampons. I like them, and now have about 6 months worth. Turns out you get almost as many weird looks buying bullets and tampons as you do buying condoms and cucumbers.


  1. I like the box!! What's the make and model? Maybe has em?

  2. They might, I think Harbor Freight has overstock type stuff. I couldn't find the make/model. I threw away the paper that came with it, and it doesn't say anything on the outside. Sorry. It is pretty well constructed though. It's HEAVY full of ammo, (60-80lbs?) but the handle and hinges take the strain just fine.