Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dreams of Eden

I had many strange dreams last night, but I only remember a couple parts of them.
In the first I was in a city. I went up into a parking garage with lots of other people to watch a fireworks show. I was annoyed that I had to wait in a long line to get up there, and felt a little stifled and panicky like I always do when I am forced to act like a herd animal to slaughter. (MOO). Finally we got to the top and it was still very crowded. I'm short, so I kept trying to squeeze to the front so I could see. Even in front it was disappointing. The fireworks were a long ways off. I think the city was Seattle. My dreamscape cities seem to be defined by the freeways; the routes in and out. This had the layout of Seattle. It is invariably nighttime when I visit cities in dreams.
The second part I remember, we went to a farmers' market or renaissance festival in the country. It was a bright sunny day and there were lots of booths selling neat things. We walked away from the market down a trail. After a while we came to a point where a slightly overgrown trail left the well worn path. I knew that down this path less travelled was the place I had been searching for. My valley, my Eden, was just beyond the next hill. I wanted to go there with all of my being, but for some reason I couldn't. Some commitment or responsibility was holding me back. My heart was breaking. I was so close to my dream I could smell the fertile Earth, the dew on the grass, but it was just out of reach. I threw myself down on the ground sobbing.
I was wearing lots of rings, and in a fit of frustration I started tearing all of them off my hands. I left just one, with a stone of swirly green Malachite. Somehow it represented my connection with that lost Garden. I cried and cried for the loss I felt.


  1. Sounds like a bummer dream. It would be interesting to know what it meant...

  2. Yeah, I'm working on it. I think the rings represent material posessions or the trappings of society, but that's as far as I've gotten. I'll never give up on finding that garden though...thanks for visiting..