Thursday, February 19, 2009

Prepped and Primed

My floor is all glassed in, prepped, primed and ready for a sub floor. It's been rainy a lot this week, so I lost some days, and fixing the rest of the exterior holes in the Holy Hippie Veggie Van became a priority. What's the sense in putting in a floor if it'll just get messed up when it rains? So today I ground out and de-rusted the rest of the holes where the rain comes in.

And stops my mind from wandering....

This weekend they will get glassed in. It shouldn't take that long, so maybe I'll be able to install the sub floor too.

Prep work is always a pain in the ass. It takes the longest and is the least satisfying. But the final result always depends on laying a solid foundation. Prep work is critical. Just the same, I will be ecstatic when I get to cut wood to build my interior. That should go a lot faster.

My plan is to install a basic framework for the bunk and kitchen areas that is attached to both the frame of the van and the sub floor. After wiring, I can insulate and put up paneling.

Then I can start to think about finishing cabinets/storage/shelves and what type of flooring I want to install. Woo Hoo!
"Engineer the future now, damn tomorrow, future now. Throw the switches, throw the Judge, yesturday's for mice and Gods." -Clutch


  1. Just moving right along, huh? Won't be that long until you are "On the road again"!

    I know you are looking forward to it!

  2. I can't wait. It is a big project and I want to do it right, but I am SO ready to search for greener pastures. Also, it snowed this winter. Last time it snowed in NOLA, hurricane Katrina hit....

  3. Prep work sucks, but is the foundation for a finely finished job.... And you can take great pride in the finished results! Boat repair involves a lot of miserable drudgery, but the end result is beautiful in my eyes..... Makes me proud!

  4. Yeah, I've done my time time with boat repair. The Van is forgiving compared to the boat. It doesn't have to be pretty, it just has to work. Though kind of inconspicuous would be good; now it gets attention because it's just SO ugly.
    That might be fun right now, but being invisible will be important soon.