Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Floor

I got my new floor cut out and "dry fitted" in the van. I wanted it to be a pretty tight fit because I don't want to bolt it down and make more holes in the van.
It was tricky to get it just right, because there are weird shaped fuel fills and wheel wells to cut around. So I made a pattern for each side out of newspaper and traced it onto the plywood. It turned out pretty good.
Now I will apply "Great Stuff" expanding foam to the grooves in the floor of the van and hold the plywood down with my deep cycle batteries as the foam sets. (they weigh about 80lbs apiece)
The foam adheres to things pretty well, so between it and the tight fit I shouldn't need to bolt it down. Yay! I get to cut wood!

A couple interesting things happened the last few days. I was in the Qwik-e-mart buying my cancer sticks and the customer ahead of me was talking to the cashier about being overtaxed and finding a safe place for their money. The cashier mentioned an account in the carribean. I chimed in with "I'm just investing in food and ammo." They both looked at me, but not like I was crazy. More like they were considering it.

Then our 'crazy neighbor' came over wanting to know how many of the 4000 rounds of AK ammo he ordered the Ex wanted. Gun conversations went on for a while, then the neighbor told a story about how he met these guys in a diner who were talking about ammo. The guys were initially suspicious and asked if he was a cop, but it was readily apparent that he was one of the good ole' boys. So they invited him to the range. They have some kind of 'gun club' and a 'facility' in Mississippi. I wonder if it's anybody I know online?....
It was some consolation that if/when TSHTF, the Ex will team up with CN (crazy neighbor) and maybe be able to bug out to MS with da' boys. Ex and CN are going to the range tomorrow. Awwww.... I've given up him, but I still care if he lives or dies. It's encouraging to see him making helpful connections at least.


  1. Lookin' good there! I love a woman who's good with her hands (git yer minds outta the gutter!). Can't wait to see the finished product....

  2. Thanks Mayberry, I can't wait to see it finished either, but I got stuck reading your blog today...
    I've been told I'm even better with my mouth....(OK, that WAS dirty.)

  3. Sorry y'all, I have a dirty sense of humor. I've worked in male-dominated industries most of my life, and instead of whining about sexual harassment, I give it right back to 'em, plus some. Sorry if I made ya blush Mayb.
    I always think it's funny and sweet when guys apologise for swearing in front of me. I worked in BOATYARD for chrissakes. Nobody swears like sailors, and they have lots of good reasons to swear...