Thursday, February 26, 2009


Being sick sucks. I forgot how much it sucks, because I very rarely get sick. I'm blaming this on my friend that had strep last week. It started on Tuesday with a sore throat and sinus pressure. I got the plywood cut for my floor in the morning, and felt crappy after that. But it was Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras! And as this city likely won't be here for much longer (neither will I) why not enjoy it now?
So I took a 12 hr sudafed (better than crack!) and headed for the French Quarter. Beer made my throat feel better anyway.
The sheer madness of Mardi Gras is something everyone should experience at least once. I prefer to stay away from the touristy, frat boy riddled area of Bourbon St., but that is where most of the titties are, if you're into that sort of thing. The Frenchman street area is where most of the locals hang out, and the place to go to see well thought-out costumes. My favorite was a couple wearing sandwich board signs with a 'menu' for the "Freddie Mac and Cheese Grill" with humorous menu items relating to our current state of affairs. I wish I'd brought the camera, because I was too many beers into the process to memorize any of the items. Maybe they'll come to me later.
It was still an early night as far as most Fat Tuesdays. I was in bed by 11pm. And SOOOOO CCCCCCcOLD..... Fever sucks. I hate feeling that way. You do get some pretty interesting dreams though.
I worked the next day, even though I felt like total crap. What boss is going to believe you are actually SICK the day after Fat Tuesday? But I managed to blunder through it, and passed out at 7:00 pm. After sleeping 12+ hours the fever seems to have broken and it no longer feels like my head will explode when I cough. So I'm taking it easy today. I'd rather lose one day of working on the van to get better than a bunch of days getting sicker if I don't give myself time to heal. I can still work on planning the interior. I've drawn the 'footprint' of the van interior to scale. The fun part is drawing my major components (bed, stove, potty, battery box) to scale, cutting them out and moving them around on paper to see what works best. Kind of like a paper doll, but for a van.... anybody remember paper dolls?
I bet they were made in America......
I'll post picks of the floor in a later article. I want to talk about the process, and that is too much to go into here.
In case anyone is wondering, the photo is from 'Hidden Messages in Water' by Dr. Emoto. They talk to water, then photograph the results when it is frozen. They said "you make me sick" to this water. A fabulous book, with the potential to change your view of reality. Highly recommended.


  1. Get some unfiltered honey and either take a spoonfull or mix it with some tea and lemon. It makes me feel better/warmer when I get a fever.

  2. Thanks farmer, I think I'll make some tea now. I still have some of my Mom's "home made" honey. She has two hives going strong!

  3. Sounds like a good remedy to me...honey is so good for ANYTHING!

    Just my opinion...take care, my friend!

  4. Thanks guys. Already on the mend. Wish I could make it to a Tea Party...