Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Solution

Part of my intention for this blog was help shape a positive future.

I haven't been doing much of that, hung up on the van and assorted mechanical problems, and for that I apologize.

But now I am free to go in search of my Green Valley.
I believe that after attitude, community is the most critical factor to survival.

I need to find my Tribe.

I want to be far away from the cities. I want to leave this culture of fear and death and poisons.

I want to greet the dawn with the birds, smell dew on the grass, and feel the plants and the forests living around me.
I want to let the sun shine on my face every day, and give thanks.

I will no longer sign contracts I don't understand.
I will no longer be a wage slave.
I will no longer pay taxes.
I will no longer buy useless crap.
I will no longer be a victim of circumstance.
I will not take water or food for granted.
I will not take my life for granted.
I will not take my freedom for granted.

I will take resposibility for my life and its direction.
I will raise much of my own food.
I will generate my own electricity.
I will grow my own fuel.
I will cultivate community with honest, hard working people.
I will cultivate a local barter economy with my neighbors.

I am opting out.
If I no longer feed the beast system, it will get weaker.

I'm fortunate to have found a few groups of like minded people who've already got a good start on opting out.
Sorry, I can't tell where.
Everybody has to find the community that is right for them.
Or cultivate the community they are already a part of.

We need each other to survive successfully. And we need RESPECT to survive as a group. We need RESPECT to survive within our ecosystem.

We must live the future we seek.

I'm off to find a better way.


  1. Sounds good, best of luck with your travels and keep me updated via blog.


  2. Amen.... Glad ya got the van sorted out (you did the dance, didn't you. Heh heh heh....)

  3. G'luck toya where ever life takes ya.

  4. Enjoy the journey. See you when you get where you're going and update us.

  5. Beautiful post. Good luck with your new life.

  6. You go girl. I did this too. It was so hard to get rid of all my stuff and security. I just had to find out whether or not there was a me left without stuff. And who the hell was I?

    It was very scary. But that is just an opportunity for courage eh? I am thrilled for you and know that you will enjoy yourself and learn more than you ever dreamed, through the hard atimes too.

    Good luck and keep posting.


  7. Best of luck, M.
    Keep us all in the loop.

  8. Dear Mother, the letter is in the mail tomorrow. I got kicked out again :P lets see how long this one lasts. You have a beautiful mind. I miss you. Yay for stamps!