Thursday, April 16, 2009

Final Preps

The vacuum pump is installed, and once again my Beast runs like a dream.
While I was under the hood, I tightened up all the belts, as they had stretched some since I'd changed them.

Then I took a test drive to Auto Zone to stock up on fluids and filters.

Conveniently, Auto Zone is in the same parking lot as Harbor Freight and Sav-a-lot.
I went into Harbor Freight looking for a magnetic paper towel holder, and came out with that, a fire extinguisher, a cast iron griddle (I couldn't resist) and some pepper spray (wouldn't hurt to have some non lethal force).
All useful items, but I didn't expect to spend that much.

At Sav-a-lot I got some final food preps; mostly water, noodles, snacks for the road, coffee and canned milk.

All that's left is organizing and packing the food, cooking, and 12volt gear.
I have 3 large rubbermaid tubs. One for dishes/foil/cooking utensils, one for food, and one for fuel/batteries/flashlights/bug spray, etc.
Snack foods and things I want easy access to (small inverter, phone charger, camera) goes in a fabric bag stashed under a front seat. Four 1gal jugs of water fit under the other seat.

My OCD (obsessive compulsive disorter) side is coming out.
I made a sketch of the van cargo holds, and anything that gets packed is written on the sketch so I can find it later.
The rubbermaid tubs are numbered, and each has a corresponding inventory list of contents.
People have alternately laughed at me and been very impressed by this level of organization. They laugh when they hear about it, but they're very impressed when they need something and I not only have it, but know exactly where it is.

Almost done. I won't need to be in evacuation panic mode much longer....


  1. OCD my ass.... That's called being thorough! Sounds like yer ready to roll! Bet yer excited! Hell, I'm excited! I love a road trip, even if it's a vicarious one.... I'll be there with ya in spirit anyhoo, keepin' old man Murphy at bay, along with his mechanical gremlins! Back ye gremlins, back I say! Ha ha! Sure wish you could post along the way.....

  2. Thanks Mayberry.
    I'm really excited. Kinda scared, too, but that's part of what makes it exciting.

    I think life is about the journey, not the destination.
    It feels good to know that I can roll with most changes that come my way.
    Those most adaptable to change are those who survive.

    I am off to live the future I seek.

    I am in great danger of a drunken, rambling post right now...

    We both know where that leads....