Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moving sale

I did really well with the sale. It was stressful preparing for it, but I made over $700.00. And it feels great to get rid of stuff. It makes me realize that this is really happening, I'm really doing it, not just endlessly working on a van.
I've got a little of the interior to finish this week, a lick and a promise paint job, and bypass the temperature sensor for the glow plugs.
There's a sweet spot where the engine is not warm enough to start without glow plugs, but too warm to turn on the glow plugs. So I'll just install a switch, and I can turn on the glows when I want them to turn on.
I'm almost on my way, and now I have money to get there.
Things are going great, and to top it all off I had a naughty dream about Jeff Goldblum last night. Mmmmm.... Jeff Goldblum.....
Now I've gotta go watch Earth Girls Are Easy.
Sorry guys, it's been over 3 months now. In about 14 days anything male will start to look really good...


  1. Girl, ou made me grin with this one! I'm glad the sale went well, and that you now have some traveling money!

    Good luck on starting the road trip! Happy trails...

  2. If you come through Central Texas, drop us a line. We'll feed ya and give ya bed for the night.

  3. I wish well on your trip...if you come east look me up.

  4. Ma'am, I can certainly understand Mel Gibson, but JEFF GOLDBLUM?? It definitely been a while, lol.

    Glad to hear sale went well - thats quite a haul. Yard Sales are a pita to prepare for, like you mentioned above - lots of work for not so much money, generally, but to me, $700 was worth the effort - that can go a long way.

    Hoping rest of preps go well.

  5. AWWWWWRIGHT! Good haul! And I'm with anonymous, Jeff Goldblum?!! Heh heh heh.....

  6. OK, so I have a thing for geeky, weird looking guys with long legs and nice hands....
    Mel Gibson is OK in leather or face paint, but Jeff Goldblum's got him beat in my book...even covered in blue fur....

  7. I think I understand... some women like geeky guys. Hey, I'm geeky - which just got me a bit too much attention from a young women. I shouldn't have told her I liked Star Trek and electronics.

    Good luck on your travels... and, to round out the other invitation, if you head up north, straight up the ole Mississippi to Minnesota, stop on by.

  8. Thanks for the kind words and invitations, all.
    I'm headed west, across Texas.
    YeOldFurt, I'll shoot you an e-mail before I go, I think you (and possibly Catman) are the only ones along my route.
    Mayberry, I'd visit but I think you're too far south... (and not geeky enough, Hee hee....)
    Publius, maybe I can look you up if I come out to visit the family in Wisconsin. (I was raised on Star Trek ;) )