Monday, April 20, 2009


I am annoyed right now.
After pulling the starter, I took it to Auto Zone and they tested it.
It was bad, so I replaced it. ($150.00)

The van still won't crank.
It doesn't even turn over.
I think the ignition switch is still good, the glow plugs come on, and when I try to start it the dash light dims, so the starter should be getting power.

I guess I'll try the neutral-start switch next.
I'm gonna have a brand new van by the time I'm done.....
Though I may run out of money before I even get on the road.



  1. It's always something, isn't it? Seems like the muses just want to slow you down for some reason...

    Good luck on finding the problem!

  2. I'd check your negative cable on the battery where it goes to ground. One simple way is to put one end of the jumper cable to the negative post then another to a good solid piece of metal on the engine.If it starts after that you've got a bad ground cable.Also one way to bench test your starter is go with a good battery,negative to the bolt hole area then quick tap of the positive to the solenoid if it spins starter should be ok (now that is not a full load test but you get the idea).

  3. Also get a screw driver type test light next time you are at Autozone if you pull either battery cable off turn on the parking lights or something that will draw 12 volts, then put the one end on the post the other on the cable and if it the test light is on you have a complete circuit.If it burns bright without anything on and you don't have the doors open or a hood light you have a short or something drawing on the battery, if you have a voltmeter same applies if it is 12 volts it is a short.If it less than that or the test light burns dim you probably have an accessory like a clock running etc...

  4. I have owned a couple of Fords, they tend to have 2 solenoids in the starter circuit, one on the starter and the other on the fender or firewall.
    I have had that one go a couple of times.
    Worth a look anyway:)

  5. Damnation, that sounds really frustrating. I hope you get it squared away.

    Try and be a little philosophical about this though, maybe one of your angels is holding you back for a reason.

  6. Ugh... You've got the gremlins.... Burn an effigy of old man Murphy, toss two shots of whiskey over the hood of the van (and two down yer gullet!) while dancing around it and kicking the tires as you go by. This should drive the gremlins out. Probably not, but it sure might relieve some stress! Ah screw it, toss those 4 shots of whiskey down the hatch, and commence to cussin' and troubleshootin'..... Good luck to ya!

  7. check the cables and terminals...Had a similar problem with a ford van at work... I replaced the Terminals on the cables and it improved, then I ran redundant grounds for the engine and did the same aircraft style front to rear...I lost all the power related problems then.

  8. Thanks for the advice guys.
    I have a voltmeter, so I'll try with that.
    I'll look for that second solenoid, Dragon.
    Apparently there are 2 fusible links in the starting system too, and they could cause this sort of problem.

    I'll check wires and connections before I attack the neutral start switch.

  9. Oops, second solenoid, DH.
    Were your fords diesel? I think that one might be a glow plug solenoid.
    The glow plug system seems to be working fine...