Friday, January 23, 2009

Profits of Doom

Six thirty AM is awfully early for a subpoena, don't you think? A forceful pounding on the door in conjunction with the barking of our extremely tough guard dog jolted me awake and sent me scrambling for a robe to cover my nakedness. An officer of the law is definitely not a fun thing to wake up to.

They have finally gotten around to reposessing my house. I haven't made a payment since 09/07. I guess Countrywide had too much else to worry about to take my ramshackle trailer on the bayou...until now.
Yes, I am one of the pins that popped the housing bubble. If they had just cooperated with me when I tried to refinance, they could still be bleeding me dry.

So fine, take it. I don't want it. I perused this official looking document, and can understand Legalese about as well as I can understand Japanese, which isn't well. The part that worries me is they seem to think they are entitled to court costs, maintenance costs, and a bunch of other random costs that I am responsible for paying if they can't get around $90K at auction for the house.

Over my dead body.

If this additional cost thing is not vanquished by waving Bankruptcy papers at it, they can kiss my ass goodbye. They are just making this thing worse. Now I'm gonna have to close my bank accounts to protect the small amount of (soon to be worthless) dollars contained therein. I was considering doing that anyway. I think I will invest it in brass >:D.

If they garnish my wages I will quit my job and hit the road. Can we say economic meltdown?
Somewhere, a poor destitute bank executive has been forced to sell his luxury yacht. Awwww.
It's gonna get worse before it gets better. Possibly MUCH worse. I wonder if our bank exec knows how to clean a squirrel? I do.

"Bury your treasure/ burn your crops/ blackwater rising and it ain't gonna stop..."


  1. Hi again.
    If you need something somewhat compact to store value in, try silver. I've bought from First Majestic Silver in Canada. They are reliable,and it's a good deal:

  2. Thanks for the tip. I have some silver. Most of my funds are going into the Van right now, and I think ammo may be the currency of a brave new world. I have a good bit of that...