Friday, July 31, 2009

So Long and Thanks...

This blog has served me well. I've met so many interesting people, and through sharing their stories I have had a glimpse into our collective human consciousness.

By observing the interaction and reactions of myself and others, it has become apparent to me how driven by ego we all are. It is my sincere belief that by living unconsciously we are feeding the ego; the sense of separation.
This is the root cause of our suffering. The Ego is the final Beast to starve.

What follows for me is a journey to the inside, and isn't something I can effectively share on a blog. There are others out there speaking the Truth more gracefully than I.

Eckhardt Tolle's book "A New Earth" is a good place to start if you feel interested in learning more about this final Beast.
We have met the enemy, and he is us.

For just as the Green Valley exists inside each of us, so too does the Beast.

The final showdown approaches, my friends. I'm as ready as I'll ever get.

Follow your heart.
Listen to your soul.
Be kind to each other, for we are all mirrors.

We must face the darkness before we may see the dawn.

Blessings to all,
may Love and Light surround you.

"So long and thanks for all the fish."
(The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


  1. Good luck and godspeed Maitreya, I am with you in spirit. May you find your inner peace....

  2. When it's time to change direction, it's time to go. Lovely to have been invited to share in your journey thus far.

    Don't be stranger. All the best for you.

  3. I hope you find what you seek.

    You have been an interesting read.

    Good luck, and God Bless

  4. Travel well, my friend! It has been an honor to share in some of your journey!

  5. Enjoyed reading the blog very much - sorry to see it go. But I understand - sometimes have to let go and start up new adventures - hope to see another blog site in near future about new happenings.

  6. Good luck, God speed and Happy Trails.

  7. I certainly enjoyed the brief encounter I had with you, via your blog. Good luck.

  8. hello.
    its desirea.
    i miss you.
    i have a letter im gonna send.
    i tried to post a comment that
    was really awesome but it got
    deleted. oh well.
    everythings fine.