Monday, July 13, 2009

Garden Pictures

As requested, some pictures of the garden...
Peas climbing the fence

Beans and turnips

The raspberry patch

The blueberry patch

Bee hives in the orchard, looking up toward the house

Mom and Aunt by a corn bed

A garden cat

The squash bed

The parsnip that ate Chicago

View over corn beds to broccoli

Beets, carrots and cucumbers growing beneath the corn


By the way, this place is for sale. 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, daylight basement with garage and lots of storage, about 2000 square feet. Set up for passive solar heating, wood stove, on about 2 acres with year round pond.
A bedroom community of Seattle, good schools, still lots of Tech industry jobs....
List price is $450K, negotiable.
Feel free to e-mail or leave a comment if interested....


  1. Beautiful place! But just a tad out of my price range..... ; )

  2. Yeah, maybe I should advertise on Rawles' blog.
    It would be a great spot for yuppie preppers.

  3. Beautiful! Those pics of the garden are really nice! Looks pretty healthy

    I'll have to check my piggy bank and get back to ya on the price, though...

    Thanks for sharing the pics...

  4. Very nice blog with excellent photos. I'm currently looking for a similar spot, but in South Florida. What are you going to do if you sell it? And, anybody know, since you have it on your list of blogs you follow, what happened to the Survival Acres dude?

  5. Thanks for visiting BB. The plan is to move to an intentional community in a more rural area.

    I wish I knew what happened to Survival Acres dude. He was hot. Somebody on Bison Blog said he got pissed 'cause no one was contributing/buying so he stopped blogging.
    But I don't know. Hope THE MAN didn't get 'im.

  6. Wow, the color green has been absent down here for quite a while, definitely looks like a great place to be. Very peaceful, serene.

  7. Love your garden pics! I want to wander there all day!