Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey Publius,
I found my dad's old shortwave radio...circa 1950's.
I saw your comment on the archdruid report. E-mail me at, I'd like to chat with you about vacuum tubes....
I can't even comment on your blog I being blacklisted? or just paranoid?
(Damn this comment form issue)


  1. M,
    It sounds like an authentication problem. Google recently had some major technical glitches... it could be that. Try this: completely delete all your cookies by going to the appropriate setting/tab in IE or Firefox or whatever browser you use. This will make you seem completely new to Google/blogger. Then log in again.

    Regarding your dad's shortwave radio: awesome! I imagine you want to use it yourself? It will need a complete going-over and overhaul. My business partner and I can do it - it would take some time, but I'd be able to give you a fellow prepper discount...

    I'd be interested in buying it, but I'm sure you don't want to part with it. Ideally, you'll get yours set up and licensed, and I'll get my own setup, and we can talk for free via shortwave radio!!

    You may email me at:
    or comment here with your email or whatever.
    The above email address is obfuscated to prevent spamming, but you can mentally convert it I'm sure!

  2. M,
    Haven't heard from you yet on the Shortwave radio subject.
    Email me at address above or comment here (if you ever gain the ability to do that again).
    Or comment on my blog,

    I'm not really posting there anymore, because the case is hopeless, but I'll check for comments.